DSCF8840Thank you so much donating money towards the SSP Scholarship Scheme, supporting the education of young orphans in Siavonga who would not otherwise be able to access secondary education.

Mutinta Mayoba had been identified as a girl who could achieve secondary education if she were sponsored and has just passed her exams and been offered a place at Siavonga Secondary School. Your donation will go towards supporting her education there.

Mutinta was born on 10th May 2000
Mayoba has six siblings and she is the youngest of them all. Since her father passed away Mutinta lives with her eldest sister. She is currently in Bbakasa Primary School. At school her favourite subject is English and she loves to read books. Mutinta is very good at math and in the future she would love to become a teacher. I am attaching her results for you to see.
After carrying out her chores which include washing plates, fetching water cooking and sweeping, Mutinta enjoys spending her time playing football. Her favourite colour is red, despite her being covered in green from the colour run last July!

Thank you so much for your support – it is really appreciated !