Simon Pumping Some Water
Ben Working The Pump
Mel Grinding Some Maize
Mel Watering The Crops

Environmental issues are of critical importance to a poverty stricken area like Siavonga since there is a great deal of reliance on the environment to provide sustenance.

Workshops are given every year on a variety of environmental issues, some of which include the implementation of a “Desert Fridge”, the teaching of crop protection techniques, soil testing and crop rotation methods, as well as information on various crop planting.

In 2012 we started a Wind Turbine Project, which is currently under development. The purpose of the wind turbine will be to drive a water pump for crop irrigation which at present is an incredibly arduous and time consuming task in the district. This is due to launch in summer 2015.

Another exciting project that we are working on is the installation of Raspberry Pi computers in five of the schools that we work with in Siavonga. These impressive devices are the smallest fully functioning computers that are mass-produced today and are an ideal solution due to their simplicity and unparalleled power efficiency. The Raspberry Pi was designed with education in mind. It is a low cost computer with lots of open source software and training materials. These materials are free of charge and as such provide less advantaged students access to world-class resources. The project will encompass all aspects of installation and transport of the computers as well as procurement of accessories (monitors, keyboards etc.) and solar panels for power.