New team is raring to go!

 HI everyone, a group of us from Swansea University are spending 4 weeks in Zambia this July to work with groups of women and children. This is part of an ongoing partnership between Swansea and Siavonga which sends a group of volunteers every year to our scholarship students and the surrounding community. 

Part of our work is to provide work shops centered around five key themes: Health, Education, Livelihoods, Environment and Social Harmony. Donations will be used to provide supplies for these workshops, such as paper, stationary, games, crafts supplies, toothbrushes and toiletries etc. 

These people have very few possessions and very little money so we appreciate any donation, big or small, as it will go a long way in affecting their lives. We are aiming to reach our goal towards the end of June so that we everything ready to take with us when we leave on 7th July. 

I know I speak on behalf of all the volunteers on this programme, when I say how grateful and appreciative we are of any contribution. It will truly concrete our efforts this summer as we will be able to leave the resources and continue our workshops’ impacts among the people. 

Please consider donating to the Zambian people and from everyone involved in this programme; here’s the link for our GoFund Me page:  

thank you.   Hannah Alred 


Scholarship Funding received from new donor!!

DSCF8840Thank you so much donating money towards the SSP Scholarship Scheme, supporting the education of young orphans in Siavonga who would not otherwise be able to access secondary education.

Mutinta Mayoba had been identified as a girl who could achieve secondary education if she were sponsored and has just passed her exams and been offered a place at Siavonga Secondary School. Your donation will go towards supporting her education there.

Mutinta was born on 10th May 2000
Mayoba has six siblings and she is the youngest of them all. Since her father passed away Mutinta lives with her eldest sister. She is currently in Bbakasa Primary School. At school her favourite subject is English and she loves to read books. Mutinta is very good at math and in the future she would love to become a teacher. I am attaching her results for you to see.
After carrying out her chores which include washing plates, fetching water cooking and sweeping, Mutinta enjoys spending her time playing football. Her favourite colour is red, despite her being covered in green from the colour run last July!

Thank you so much for your support – it is really appreciated !

International Day of Persons with Disabilities – 3 December

Swansea Siavonga Partnership were delighted that Jonah Sialumano was able to attend the Discovery AGM on the eve of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.  Jonah was an inspiring speaker from Health Help Zambia in Monze and highlighted many aspects of his work that Swansea Siavonga Partnership  could emulate. We look forward to building relationships with him that will further our work in Siavonga.


Jonah Sialumano was born on 27th August,1974 at a village called Masongozi, Chief Musokotwane.

“At the age of 3 years, I suffered from polio, a disease that disadvantaged a lot of people at that time. As a result of polio, I became physically disabled.  My disability led me to start school very late and my parents and other relatives had no hope in me being educated because some thought that educating a disabled person will be a share waste of resources and at the same time, the other challenge was that the school was very far and my father could not manage to take me to school because of being poor. In 1985, my uncle the young brother to my father by the name of Godwin Sialumano who was working in Lusaka came to pick and that this how I started school at Chilenje South Primary School from 1985 to 1991. From 1993 to 1993, I did my grades 8 and 9 and Choongo School and the Unity for the Physically Disabled and did grades 10 to 12 at Kalomo Secondary School from 1993 to 1996. As Jonah, I have had a dream and vision of working for my fellow disabled in Society and in reality, a  dream came true”.



Two volunteers from Siavonga Nutrition group had an opportunity to visit discovery in Swansea Wales for two weeks, courtesy of the Abseil winning team, Swansea University Students Support Services.  Having worked on the Swansea Siavonga Partnership  for several years Ceaser and Michelo were ideal candidates  to be selected for the exchange visit.  Their visit was mainly to see what projects Discovery run and get many more information that could be of help to the Swansea-Siavonga Partnership in Siavonga. They have been staying at the student’s village and had an experience of student life in the UK.

Ceaser and Michelo visited three schools under the schools linking project which include Hafod Primary school, Ysgol Pen-y-Bryn special needs school and Pengelli Primary School – the newest link in the Partnerships School Linking programme, which now has 13 schools in each country.

Caeser and Michelo Collage

They had so much to learn –  many differences were spotted between Zambian and UK schools. They also visited projects that work with people with learning disabilities. These include the Circus Eruption, Swansea-People First and the Supported Volunteers’ Scheme project.  The Gardening and Decorating project, and Sketty Park youth club were among the Discovery projects visited. Ceaser and Michelo attended volunteer training to know what it takes to be a Discovery volunteer.  In addition to this, they attended the supported volunteering schemes training and the disability and autism awareness training.

They also spent some time at the Student Support Services department to see how they help students at the university. They heard from the International Students department, the Disability department and the Finance department.

Much as they had  lots of work to do they also  had an opportunity to go to Mumbles, Langland Bay, Wind Street, meet up with old friends and see Swansea city at large. Their two weeks Swansea visit ended on  Saturday  31st October 2015, after a visit to the Seventh Day Adventist church, where we hope to establish yet another link,  and a farewell meal. We look forward to seeing the fruits of their visit back in Siavonga.

Swansea Teachers Create Vision Umbrella

Teachers in schools here in Swansea have worked towards a shared vision of the work they will focus on with their link schools in Siavonga .  Key priorities will involve communications and sharing good practice on how school councils work ; Children s Rights, Sustainability,  Sharing Culture and Language, Emotional Literacy and well being.  Setting and sharing this vision will go along way to ensuring an effective way forward for all those involved.

poster of schools vision




Setting up raspberry piWith the coming of the new curriculum, use and teaching computers is inevitable. The month of July came with a smile as 15 teachers from schools in Siavonga took part in the training in Web designing, Programming using Scratch, aspects of Office using word and excel. The Use of the Raspberry Pi and using Rachel was covered. The training was very successful. Thanks to Howard and Wendy for this timely training. Thanks to Wendy and Howard Kirkman of GiaKonda IT Ltd of Swansea, Wales for this wonderful gesture done to the teachers. ICT is taken to another level.

The Joy of the Raspberry Pi heats Siavonga Schools

Using the raspberry pi 12065574_959701517401650_477230348998019151_n 12063737_959701417401660_2951941953395831882_n Setting up raspberry piIts new innovation that make technology to be interesting. The cost of computers is one of the things that threatens people. The coming in of the Raspberry Pi seem to be the answer to the fears and worries for rural schools in Siavonga. Thanks to Giakonda IT for helping rural school in Siavonga Zambia to have the dream realised.

Children in Bbakasa, Matuwa and Kabbila Primary Schools are now exposed to using computers. These computers are run using Solar energy since the schools are not connected to the national grid of hydro-power.


A group of eight teachers for Siavonga district in Zambia visited Swansea, Wales. The is in line with the British Council Connecting Classroom Teacher exchange vist. The teachers were warmly received by the partner schools and the Discovery Team.

Among the many activities done teachers were give opportunities to observe the methods and the way the education structure is in the UK. Blending and cultural exchange were part of the activities. Welsh food and dances were some the activities that the teachers had.

They were also happy to to meet Wendy and Howard of Giakonda to give an insight of how ICT can be developed in Siavonga and the plans for it to be taken to greater heights.

A collage of photos from teachers' visit

Preparations and plans for student visit 2015

Read about our residential planning session and the workshops and activities which we hope to undertake.

Here we go again!

The team are preparing for another visit to Siavonga at the end of June!

10 teachers from linked schools, 12 students from Swansea University, Discovery staff and a team of engineers from the University are all getting their last few tasks sorted before spending a month in country. The teachers will be looking to liaise with their partnered school, the students will be running workshops and the engineers will be surveying land for the water irrigation project.

We are looking for donations so if you do have any unwanted IT equipment, sewing equipment or other resources that you think may be useful for us to take to rural Zambia then please let Aled know by emailing

Please check out Howard’s gofundme campaign for the Raspberry Pi project ….


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