The Swansea – Siavonga Partnership is a not for profit partnership between two charitable organisations, Discovery Student Volunteering in Swansea and the Siavonga Nutrition Group based in Siavonga, Zambia.

Christine in Siavonga
Our current Strategic Plan

  • Develop existing Sustainability Projects and secure funding for more
  • Deliver workshops on Disability issues within Siavonga and alter public perceptions held there
  • Create more school links
  • Induct more students into our Scholarship Scheme
  • Get our existing scholarship beneficiaries into University

The constitution of the Swansea – Siavonga Partnership covers the group objectives, executive committee functions, office bearers and their duties and terms, membership, discipline, finances, partnership meetings, amendments to the constitution, and details of what happens should the partnership be dissolved.

Welsh flag
Zambian flag

Swansea Steering Group

Christine Watson – Discovery Manager

Kirsty Rowles – Discovery Staff

Lindsay Haywood

Aled Thomas – Discovery Staff

Linda Hamweemba

Simon Forster

Andrea Mateo

Bernadette Lewis

Heads of linking schools

Siavonga Steering Group

Geoffrey Phiri – SNG Field Officer

Musaka Mutondo – SNG Coordinator

Susan Dyaunka – Chairperson

Ellis Mwenda – Vice Chair

Christopher Hamoonga – Treasurer

Heads of linking schools

Swansea linked with Siavonga

swansea students in zambia